“Hold thought nowhere”

Apnea, arts – martial, the motorbike, Snowboard and a lot of other activities are introduced on my site. Since 1981, I had privilege to work in different domains, as mdedical jobs then as ingeniery computer scientist. I have the chance to be in regular contact with the professionals of sports and of health, across my trainings or my competitions at different levels.

I always liked the swimming, I had to learn to swim at the same time as to walk! I fast completed my school sports activities by the practice of martial arts, at first there Shōtōkan-ryū (松濤館流), then the tai-chi-chuan (太極拳) and since 2001, the Qi-Gong (氣功) . I can’t indeed say when I began apnea, before my birth of course, but always I kept my breathing naturally to stay “at the bottom “.

My experience of the medical domain and the complements to studies which followed, allow me to make my trainings with seriousness and a big analysis of one. That is why I wish today to share with you this experience.

I invite you in the amusement, in the pleasure to read to you soon.

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I invite you for pleasure, read you soon.



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