Chimgla photography

“Marie-Pierre Chimgla, Photographer, creator, multifaceted, an exceptional artist, met on the occasion of a professional photography session and who left me an indelible track of its passage!”

MP is a pure creator!

MP is a pure creator!

I invite you by this presentation to discover her, to share with her too because the self-sacrifice, her knows…

The photography is a passion for me as much as for her, it made its everyday life for our most great pleasure and I am happy today to be able to count on her, numerous innovative talents on the subject to complete my activities in this domain :-)

Parents native of Martinique, she is fascinated for the music also. MP settled down close to the capital after its studies in the field of the computing (Multimedia organizer, her livens up studios in this domain and in computing also) and her specialization in the photography. She found her way in the study and the representation of photos portrait, women surrounding walls, children, couples…

bandeau enceinte

And although it is not its ground of preference, photos in macro, the landscapes and the marking of imprint of the various arts and the cultures in the course of the everyday life also show its enormous talent.

Artist unmistakably was endowed, she builds on her photographic bases of the memories which will not leave you any more and which will look like no other one!

Besides, on her FB page, you made discover its artistic summarized on a daily basis, real world which tempts you to travel, to return you in unusual places, to visit churches, museums, castles and other marvels of our civilization!

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Then be allowed guide, if your wish is to immortalize a particular moment, an event which is dear to you or simply to leave a track of you or one of your close relations on the paper, do not wait any more, Marie-Pierre will take care of your projects without hesitating. :-)


Video creation, memory of our session photo!

Marie-Pierre made me the surprise summarize in a few minutes the numerous hours of demonstration which allowed her to immortalize my training. As you will notice it, she has more than a tour in her bag and the present is considerable :-)


My emotional moments!

My most precious object!

An exceptional work, my favorite book since its acquisition!

Criaturas Abisales / Marina Perezagua

Marina Perezagua, promising young writer, is no longer in its infancy, I found his first book, written with a touch of madness, love and eroticism. Abyssal creatures is composed of fourteen stories, I finally discovered (by dint of patience because my book is in Spanish) with a lot of fun … So if like me your life is made more affinity with the language, do not hesitate to get it, this is a gem :-) Personally it never leave me …

What a thrill!


YouTube Preview Image Japan A giant xylophone for JS Bach and his “Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben” Jesus that my joy might remain …

Research and success!

When the man passes his joys and his creative mind …

YouTube Preview Image

Four minutes of dream and adventure where man again leads us to the playground and fantasy!