The manager and the loneliness

To answer the interrogation from a “follower” on Twitter which had posted a question on its blog concerning the loneliness of the manager!

I answered this to him:

We are never really alone! Of course the role of a manager often plunges him into loneliness of the reflection and the analysis.
But isn’t it the role of a good manager to know how to surround itself correctly too, well share and well distribute ? At the risk, of course, to feel a small moment of space once its work is achieved and exactly attributed! I get up early in the morning and I take advantage to be alone to plan my coming time before welcoming my professional circle of acquaintances, then once the tasks are exactly distributed, my spirit is again occupied by the new tasks to carry out and so on. I’ve never been at any case since 25 years of management ready to fall over in ” the despair “… Phew very fortunately… Otherwise what would stay of our “role” if we could sink so? I had to well have good about twenty times the opportunity to succumb in front of difficulties (and i’ll still have certainly other opportunities unfortunately) but the strength of the manager is to learn of every ordeal and to become always stronger… Finally this loneliness must be also analyzed as a strength in itself and/or to acquire, to know how to foresee alone and to provide for the team, be autonomous in its actions and notice the results, know how to permanently keep hope, dynamism and perseverance to improve the everyday life… The loneliness thus calls the multitude… I had not shared this answer until then but a friend has just sent me an email which seems convenient to answer with this: the person who livens up the blog on the initiative of my answer never took time to answer my comment!!! Would has he been simply plunged into this famous evoked loneliness?!!
 Anyway, he is only confirming my way to see things, everyone is free in his choices , we cannot speak any more about loneliness of a role or a post if we isolate ourselves after having wanted to share on a such serious subject! I shall end by saying that this character confuses loneliness and isolation which each can feel if he doesn’t make the effort, not only to share but also to give a logical result to each of his actions. To make act of procrastination, negligence or lack of respect to oneself or to the others will on no account allow to take out directly or indirectly of deserved isolation (there are exceptions I grant it!) and by the have a feeling of loneliness became sickly.

Un lieu de recueillement, propice à la réflexion…Savoir se ressourcer…

I stay tuned, I give and I share in everyday life, my friends fight today to make a success each in their way, I accompany them as far as possible in their steps and advise them when it is possible, I pass on my knowledge too which sometimes helps them, I support them when they are in the error and guide them so that they recover faster, in brief I simply avoid to even plunge myself into loneliness by taking them out of it… DM

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