“The pleasure to relive the good moments, the satisfaction of the editings to come…”

It is always an enjoyment to see again a shot on a paradisiac place, immortalizing an ideal sports action, keeping the humor of a scene or a private actor, emphasizing a person, an action, an art, I use this weapon as much as my camera with always so much satisfaction.

Then, that it is gross or being the object of a specific editing, every video is commented and highlighted to keep the best of these privileged moments.

If you wish other details or to see my futures videos, don’t hesitate to come back in this space…

1) Empty lungs training that I like so much, this time in STAYouTube Preview Image

2) Relaxation lumbar vertebra exercise, for those who have temporary or regular difficulties, if you wish more information about this subject, do not hesitate to write me a personnel message. YouTube Preview Image

3) NY Apnea DYN training, a big pleasure in a wonderful and deep swimming pool!

YouTube Preview Image

4) A training on a beautiful site, Etretat beach, between cliffs and sea, 2 hours summarized in 2′ 15″ with in addition a musical extract of an exceptional artist ” Nataly Andria ” which will enchant you from the first seconds I am sure.YouTube Preview Image

5) IDoorDresser introduction, cover for doors and interiors decoration on D&CO TV show on Channel M6

YouTube Preview Image

6) An example of STA training. A movie from my friend Edern Caté, his comments, his feelings :-)

STA training with… Marina Perezagua

YouTube Preview Image

7) 75m empty lungs, under Vince and Ben control and in addition the pleasure to listen to my friend Edern’s music!!! :-)

YouTube Preview Image

8) In February, 2013, while the ambient air was near 4°, I took advantage of the sun’s rays to make a training by the sea. After 3 hours of practice and some nice views of this magnificent landscape, I invite you to look at this summary, accompanied with a wonderful music of my friend and artist Niko Coyez

Turn out the volume ;-)

YouTube Preview Image

9) Funny sequence Nice bubbles at the end of the training of the day :-)

YouTube Preview Image

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2 thoughts on “Movies

  1. Super, je me suis bien éclaté et sympa aussi ta chaine sur youtube, bel exploit avec ton sabre sous l’eau mais j’ai bien rigolé avec ton lâché de bulles hahaha, c’est vrai que c’est sans montage ? Tu peux vraiment faire 100 bulles en forme de cercle avec ta bouche en une seule inspiration ? C’est bluffant mais chapeau bas l’ami !

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