Trainings story

I am pleased to share with you my workouts, tips and various other preparations for your apnea!

Trainings pool

Since September 2012, I train mostly in central nautical Cloyes sur le Loir. I want to thank the whole team for their support and especially my physical trainer and friend Charles for his professionalism and good care and my friend Edern for photos, videos, and taking the lap board assistance basin … Little thought as to Nicolas MNS which I think every session because without his support and professionalism, I will certainly never started my training close to home :-)

A really nice atmosphere and a place conducive to good results.

December 27 A STA 6’25 “(1’10 to my max) after a short warm-up session, two” dropped “bubbles A small table on O ₂ personal 18mn … For the pleasure and sensation as normally exercises are done before but that night I did a little demonstration around me :-)

December 28 A STA 6’35 “New public demonstration :-) A new table on a DYN 75m on average in 1 minute with Recycling 1’30″ A beautiful dynamic apnea calm 3’30 to conclude the evening (actually the length of the basin pool Cloyes consists of 100 tiles :-) ) 
 I love the workouts on Friday evening, and thank you all next year …

An exceptional recovery from training on January 2nd after 4 days of interruption: Training No. 1 1600m apnea based on a table of 75m in length with 2 minutes recovery between each (acceleration of swimming bi-fins , 1’28, 1’22, 1’16, 1’11, 1’05, 58 “) *** A 125m in 1’45″ *** history check form :-) exercises on empty lungs the bottom of 2m50 to relax when there is a little time.

January 3, STA A 6’01 “(always the principle of two releases bubbles usually the first around 1’30″ the second 2’30 “) Exercising DYN 28 x 50m (total 1400m) and 125m in final after a session based on 75m

January 4 STA A 6’21 “Physical Exercises DYN 24 x 50m (total 1200) and a DNF in the final 100m after a session based on the 50m rapid

January 5 A excellent shape, heating 30 ‘total relaxation including 15′ also this day apnea seemed to me even more enjoyable than usual, it felt really good and I did that a desire, STAY in the water :-) Besides the time speak naturally: A STA 6’48 “physical Exercises DYN 50m, 60m, 65m, 70m, 75m and 75m remained on the (total 1400) A 125m after the end of the session based on 75m

January 6 New Approach static, I do not work on a table set but on a physical and mental preparation totally different from my habits. Result: first spasm 4’10 “and 6’05 voluntary exit” before my training Dynamics (same period as the previous days on the 60m)

January 7, No static today, I now set my warm up 15 minutes and I think I associate my breathing exercises to my movements.

A beautiful table CO ₂: 50m apnea, recovery 2 ‘, less than 15 “each time up to 15″ recovery (total 8x50m) swimming time 1’08, 06,03,01,59,57,55 “and 54″ and 75m in 1 “20, 80 ’1″ 15 and final 120m in 1 “36′ before being interrupted by opening the valves filtering, what an adventure tonight :-)

On January 8, the same CO ₂ table yesterday but on a 60m, récup 2 ‘, less than 15 “each time up to 15″ Recycling (total 8x60m) swimming time 1’10 initially 59 “to end! Then 75m, 80m. Then 6x50m in DNF Technical Working 150m monofin Another great workout tonight :-) The goal is to ease this table is to keep intermittently on my training with 10 tables and gradually increase O ₂. To be continued …

January 9, Table O ₂ personal preparation for the 100m maximum on time: Increase the basic distance of 30m and 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100m with the same récup time: 2 min. Then swim slow dynamics without forcing the inspiration and starting 2’25 3’13 always nice drive in this superb water :-)

Privileged moments of relaxation at the end of training session :-)

January 10 Warm 30mn, 400 m (today I was cold and I decided to do as I had learned in my club Lyon, swim a little before my session. 60m CO ₂ as Table 8, with about length after the last 15s Recycling, 10m more! Then Work DNF on the same table after 5 minutes of rest, impeccable … Relaxation: Swimming reversed DNF DNF 75m and 59s 60 to conclude the session … Remember to relax, enjoy the present moment, that your training is always a pleasure and never a constraint or obligation! Thank Rachid, Elsa, Ben for your complicity and your kindness :-)

On January 16, I’m looking forward to training tonight, just to see if the exercises were dry enough, 15km added to “run” traveled by sea and two sessions of breathing and Qi-Gong (see my personal FB page) Note: I managed to lower my heart rate after exercise to 44/mn ​​new test to follow tonight … well here’s a very nice recovery: small session for STA start without falter because DYN planned session promised to be “tough” :-) 2 expirations bubbles 2 ‘, two STA 2’30 and 4’45 “without spasm. Table O ₂ DNF in the first year: Increase the basic distance of 50m and 55, 60, 65, 70, 75m with the same récup time: 3 minutes looking for the best water penetration and the balance between speed and power consumption. Feeling great, 1’08 and 1’20 time between Then a series DNF but still technical work: 8x50m, eventually rebound swimming I like it upside down and 2x65m 25mn lungs empty. Friendly little thought for my friend Fanfan encourages me every time and I’m impressed at the surface chaining incredible distances;-)

January 17, Once is not custom, I shared “my” hallway with a few people throughout my training. So I adapted it and I worked on the lungs empty DYN history to remember the good sensations in New York a few weeks ago. After a good warm up, I started knew 6x50m TR 1’45 and 1’30 starting, 1’00, 45 “, 30″, 15 “!! Then 5m increments each time finishing with a superb 90m empty lungs always a good feeling, Recycling regular time 2mn Then I ended the session by the DYN faster this time 4x50m lungs full in 31 ‘Still a few minutes to relax the end :-)

January 18 In the absence of my lifeguard, I worked on the rapid and length: 45 minutes Warm and 8x50m DNF limiting movements maxi/25m Then complete 3 × 50 8 DYN recup 30 “A small lungs empty table 50, 60, 75m TR 2, 4x75m DYN ​​comfort And finally, the DNF upside 4x50m! Some nice bubbles and a beautiful drive that ends in 2H. In total cash returns, I traveled a little over 1800m The small bath remouds session with my friend Fanfan was well deserved, I’m in great shape to get back to work;-) Thanks to Cyrielle, Max, Ben and Fredo :-) January 19, based on the same drive TDR, a table with O ₂ TR 2 ‘and decreasing 15 “up to two 15″ for a total of 10x50m. Then rest 4 ‘Work empty lungs 50m + 5m to 75m each time :-) Now, pool closed this AM! We did not let down and the training session in the water gave way to an improbable snowboard session at home, thank you Mother Nature :-)

January 25 back in training after a hiatus of five long days! Training of 2:20 with a CO ₂ table habitual 2mn and TR 50, 60, 70, 75, 90, 100m away. PV and over 2000m all covered. I pass now released details of bubbles and the heating :-)

January 26 A beautiful table with O ₂ 60m TR 2 ‘least 15 “up to 15″ Total Recycling. Then rest 4mn. Cleave empty lungs 50, 60, 70, 75m 125m without forced inspiration :-) . (video available through Benedict tonight made ​​me more security in the water, I made him exercise believe me :-) And late in the session in a pool vacuum, some rescue exercises history not to lose the hand, it is important when you change partners well make them aware of your needs ;-)

February 4 An exceptional recovery, preparation for a very special training which should normally lead me to a shooting depth to which it should do specific exercises to ensure ease repeatedly! Then as every time: 15mn heating and session apnea (STA Laches bubbles and table 2’30 to 6 ‘) and concatenation DYN A 4x50m heated table with O ₂ 50m TR 2′ least 15 “up to 15 “Recycling of total 2x end of table. All in 1:20! Then personal training begins: DYN over a given distance at the bottom + + STA DYN on the same distance at start (you follow me? :-) ) I had planned an increase of 6 weeks to achieve the specified performance and all I can say is that I’m already past the training of week 4 :-) THANKS to EDERN is back and I can definitely get the ease in the water! ! It is important when you get to this level, to feel not only supported but also monitored in a very considerate to limit risk-taking. Thank you to the team still sports center pro and friendly. The total workout lasted more than 2 hours and I have one desire: to go back tomorrow.

February 5 Warm-up 15 minutes, then sitting apnea (STA Laches bubbles and table 3 ‘to 6′) and concatenation DYN, 4x50m warm up a table with CO ₂ 60m TR 2 ‘then increasing 5m 5m to 100m . All in 1:30! And personal training yesterday following: DYN over a given distance at the bottom + + STA DYN on the same distance that initially 10 m more than yesterday, I’m already past the training of week 5, I think seriously, I’m going to take now :-) THANKS to EDERN who turned back a great video that I put on the page dedicated to this purpose :-)

February 10 Gros working concentration Thursday and Saturday with CO ₂ tables with up to 100m recovery time 1’30 “

On 11 February a good workout tonight CO ₂ based on 60m. Then 45m + 15 “+ STA 45M identically yesterday :-) 
 my personal exercise suits me well, I initially positioned where I need it! to the 45m, 20m and I leave I start the same half turn after the STA 15 “to finish in the same place :-) It is easier for the supervisor to follow and it is motivating for me . 400m breaststroke for me to try a new practice taught today, but improving my performance for the time being, I will come back soon if this practice is that it pays a day ;-)

February 25, 12 days of absence from my favorite pool workouts but beautiful on the beaches of Normandy cold you will see some pictures in the coming days by opening the menu “videos” :-) Result: 6’45 “in static a water exercise at 31 ° My personal final 45m, 15 “STA then 45m. In great shape. Testing my new combination 1mm thick give me a good feeling on the DYN. However I tried a size above my shop Camaro unfortunately it was perfect but in water it expands a lot. So I ordered the size smaller because the sensations are really great. If you want more information on this equipment, you can contact my friends and Romain Jerome Plongéquilibre Paris 8, they will be happy to guide you in your choices. I thank them again for their professionalism and kindness.

Testing a new combination “road”! To save those competition :-)

On 26 and 27 February A specific training to test another combination, this time a Mares 3mm thick nice to put on and wear well. Good behavior in slow and fast movement with a balance greater than the Camaro 1 kg. The texture of this combination slows me a bit more than the Camaro but exercise, it does not bother me any, and this matter will spoil less quickly in the pool because of the high frequency of my workouts. Conclusion: The 50m DYN ​​regular 30 “, my personal exercise of 50m + 15″ + STA 50m, a 75m DYN ​​slow in 3’47 “. All this over two days with two tables usual O ₂ and CO ₂ Next training from 29 with 5m more on each exercise.

February 28 In a business trip, I want to conclude a training Qi-Gong at the hotel by a static table dry: 3 ‘, TR 2′ increments 30 “now TR 2 ‘finish with a STA 5’30 “and voila … :-) Bodes well for tomorrow …

Short summary of March drives chained themselves in different ways, jogging on the beaches of Normandy with distances between 6 and 8 km on the sand and pebbles, by this time the conditions were still a little fun to limits but wish facing the sea and the sunset. The sessions always revolve around the pool tables usual with some progressive results last Monday:

    • Table DYN CO ₂ on the basis of increment departing 65m 5 5 to 115m in TR 2 and O ₂ TR 75m 2 ‘least 15 “at each start up to 30″
    • Static 6’55 “after a great session of relaxation and breathing fresh body for 30 ‘
    • Table DNF CO ₂ on the basis of increment departing 50m 5 5 to 90m in TR 2 ‘
    • Personal Training 50m break STA 15 “back then 50m … Here, I detail more workouts unless of course provide additional information :-) I started to learn more followers, causing all very good swimmers or swimmers and pleasure to transmit and share is almost as strong as that to remain at the bottom! Welcome to Fanfan, Stéphanie Françoise Michel, Martine, Jacques, Sandy and Mary now appreciate as being under water at the surface, thank you for the confidence and kindness.

      Sunday, March 24 Small nod to my friend Edern who followed me (or my predecessor!) With its “longboard skate” during my 12km run :-) So, a steady pace, the pleasure of not not run alone and diversity of his “tricks” on his beautiful board enthusiast Dancing is like if you’re running while watching a show, needless to say you do not see the time passing … Results, averaged over 10km / h in top form.

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