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For many years, I associate so privileged to work on the mind in all my activities. I went to the evidence, the physical is important, but for good practice and get good results in the “standard”. But if the mind does not follow, the performance will never be exceptional!

In Martial Arts, concentration and empty itself allows you to address all aspects in harmony with your body. (Photo de Marie-Pierre Chimgla)

Find its balance in the movement as in the wait...

Find its balance in the movement as in the wait…

Freediving, by discipline, I walk between the conscious and the unconscious, I remain focused and I directed my thoughts before, during and after the work on the behavior of my body during practice. It is thanks to this function to operate that I can enjoy myself in the performance and not seek anything other than my own satisfaction.

(Sometimes I meet others and also to enjoy it but I will later …)

Memory is very important at this level, for those who forget their quick actions and reactions, I would highly recommend taking notes because it is the control over our practice allows us to increase our performance.

The diversity of activities apnea is not the ideal way to defer action on the mental level, the specifics of each practice require different control sometimes knowing that the desired result will always be the same:

stay as long as possible without breathing for satisfaction even more enjoyable!

Personally and since the beginning of this practice, I never forced those who know me well have found. I started child and I always preferred the comfort and wisdom in practice. After hundreds of workouts, natural or club, thousands of apnea in the pool, sea, lake or dry, I can say without pretension I feel my body well and gives the reactions of apnea me!

Sometimes counting spasms, sometimes finding of burns in my whole body, sometimes almost total sleep, sometimes even a lack of overview controlled … (or controllable?) So many different situations encountered at least once almost every workout without ever reaching a threshold of pain. And I keep a good flexibility if one day I need to go further, but for now, it has never been the case. “I am now preparing to go farther, longer, and my workouts are serious day because I feel the need and desire.

From “The Big Blue” and the impact that this beautiful story has had on us all, apnea has become a practice that challenges many people. One can imagine the complexity of this art but it is also sometimes train leaves in the mysticism of all that is happening around apnea!

The idea of these two champions, as bewitched, indulge in the depths also contributed to amplify this phenomenon.

For my part, my daily life is banal, shared between home, work, sleep! But when I dive and I practice my breathing exercises, when I’m in contact with water, if that visual, I forget all my worries, I forget all my frustrations and also strange as it may seem, I found myself near those I love! It is a force undisputed that burns me and I do not trade it against anything. That’s why I always leave a place dream of one day being able to join the dolphins and me mix them for eternity.

cf “The Abyssal Plain”

The opening of this blog will allow me to show you my performance gained and evolving too, you may find yourself answers, I hope in any case and if the opportunity presents itself, I may attend be in some competitions which I am happy to detail the progress for all enthusiasts who enjoy these stories. To be continued …

Une water warmer than the outside temperature :-)

Post an unusual morning for the most part but mine :-)

Training early this morning against a calm and attractive (yes, this is not the 2 ° C or lightly snow which trample on herring gulls that I will remove this longing to dip!) the fresh air the lungs pride myself on deep inspiration, but I’m looking for a sheltered spot to eliminate this aspect blocking for my exercises!

As I already explained, breathing fully, it relaxes the muscles and releases intercostal chest, the practice of Pranayama induces a sequence of inspirations (puraka) expirations (rechaka) and retention of breath (kumbhaka) it is this latter aspect this morning that I developed to distribute all the energy possible in my whole body. These techniques are really special and if you perceive well and that you have been taught well, you can direct the movement of energy in your body image exercises Qi-Gong.

I arrived early, the sky lights up gradually, I soon forget the cold and I adapt to my surroundings different every time, I develop this balance requirement and that I need strictly between body and attitude, emotional control and direction of thought!

Apnea is often reminded consumption of 20% inspired oxygen in our brain that makes him the largest consumer of our body! So needless to detail the general benefit that provides a deep breath :-)

A teacher friend told me recently in pulmonology he did not understand where I was coming by doing some of my exercises! This finding is lowering my heart rate (*) as fast with or without exertion and the resulting calm despite the daily difficulties he understood clearly what was my approach :-)

I so appreciate this feeling, I’m so happy to practice my favorite discipline enjoying every aspect of it is that I never think to do without this drug.

I always keep in mind the image of my mentor Jacques Mayol who plunged until the eve of his death at 74 years! Like everyone else, I am not immune to the negative aspects of everyday life, but I guarantee you that my approach to each day is done so easily forget these visions unlikely and sad that I have been placed! It is this search that led me to make the most positive aspects of the practice of breathing exercises.

These techniques acquired bring me enormous satisfaction in terms of energy and consciousness and, as my master Qi-Gong, remain invaluable ally provides a better awareness of self.

This morning a small introduction from others to share with you all these moments of happiness not so hard to get it … A good time communing with nature, the sea, the wind, the birds I like to remember, take my sleep to capitalize on my day and not get tired more especially allows me to optimize each time my actions.

To my friends I think my visitors regularly and have a good day and enjoy fine :-)

(*) Please note that the practice of these techniques may cause a change in your behavior so that you could take reactive fear no longer control your state of being! I insist that the beginner does not do anything!

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    May all your actions share
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