Training Qi-Gong I

First 3-day course of Qi-Gong at the edge of the Loire in the town of Three Rivers.


It is with great pleasure that I was able to welcome Sandy, who has already practiced Viet vo dao and Jujitsu. Our goal in this course was to approach the Qi-Gong, both on the theoretical and practical than historical. Then work our breathing, with or without the practice of snorkeling, Sandy is passionate about many activities, she shared during this visit two of my workouts in the pool. We also saw several stages of stretching in association with sports that practice.

Stretching session at the nautical center

Stretching exercises encompasses multiple, all beneficial for the body but so many to choose should seriously and not only according to our own capacity to achieve, but also our own needs. We are more or less elastic, our bodies are more or less accustomed to what we sollicitions regularly, this is the case of Sandy, my task was therefore easier after our workout at the pool, several exercises were seen and put into practice (3 rd degree in relation to the internal organs, the psoas muscle specific work). Then brainstorm on some complementary positions in yoga and that was it!

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Introduction to Qigong Theory and History

I have sufficiently described the benefits of Qi Gong in this blog so that Sandy could get to the evidence of the benefit he would bring. After an explanation of the basic positions, meditation, breathing therapy, gymnastics, body psychotherapy or acupuncture to present the possibilities of conveying the “shi”, we had to take action! It is obvious that this art requires many years of experience to feel all the possibilities if indeed it was possible to approach all … It was of course imperative to address the major aspects of the discipline without going too far in what is not interpretable in the short term. The bases are included, one can actively work at their own pace and improve his knowledge as far as possible in one day and feel capable of amazing performance both mentally and physically. Sandy gives us the conclusion of this article are felt at this level … I like to remember a quote from Mencius (372-289 BC ac): “The man must constantly ensure himself not to lose the innate goodness. Due to control his breathing, he must inspire and expire on breath of the universe. “Qi (shi) is a matter we can not see, so I made this detailed approach to the perception that one can have and then I took to Sandy Lake Morea where space is conducive to a good feeling (Big Stone floor clean and free outdoor water calm and relaxing, the birds singing …) An explanation of the conduction pathways (meridians), an approach to respiration (stimulation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic ) with the elimination of tensions, the daily application etc. The study of the basic position, two important movements and the observation of the result obtained after 1h30 of practice (see conclusion).

Introduction to Qigong Practice

Position is important, it should not be corrected to work without getting best results. While the position is maintained, I continue my explanation and I correct the inevitable changes in attitude, and reflex culmination of our daily tension and undisciplined forces us rather than relaxes us! during the first sessions, it is likely that the effects are difficult to analyze well, I’m lucky to be able to initiate many students who explained to As the benefit obtained causing a feeling of satisfaction for me as a result of the good communication between us. End of the session, great moment of relaxation and gentle walking to the water’s edge to enjoy every second of the benefits obtained.

Work of breathing

I will not detail what is already seen on this blog in different places, this time, the exercises focused on breathing during movement Qi-Gong (raise arms, fall in harmony with yourself and not force ) so of course, the brain controls these actions in the future without having to run more. It is at this stage that we know what benefit we get every day and has been obtained from the first session.

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Breathe and gather Qi in Dantian … This year I often suggested for those who have difficulty concentrating, sore stomach, psychological problems etc.. is discussed regularly. It combines physical and mental practitioner can quickly eliminate the concepts of stress, hatred, greed, and other disruptive energies of consciousness and leading them out of the body … These exercises can be practiced lying on his back or sitting in our case in the lotus position. Sometimes I even still standing according to soil conditions where I am for my workouts, in this particular case, it must first be in a position comfortable ideally before the start. I will not discuss these exercises that I send to those who wish to share with me on the spot, writing a part about this will be part of a future publication to follow … Some terms discussed during these exercises do not hold back so easily but with practice they become automatic for each (RENMAI Ship Design, Ship DUMAI Governor dantian, Baihui The top of the skull, the Yintang front …) and then it makes you want to come see me to learn more;-) then the Yogi breathing, often performed for snorkeling, but just as beneficial in other sports. Concepts already detailed in other articles. In the case of Sandy who also practices the saxophone, breathing again takes all its interest!

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The corrections stretching session were quickly assimilated and the results corresponded to the expectations of the instructor and the student. The work of body positioning was successful as it is not that easy to position with good symmetry, changing position respecting this symmetry and yet it is essential in almost all sports without the one noticing necessarily account. This is what I’m trying to work practicing the use of weapons, even apnea DYN, I make sure to make my movements in perfect harmony. After correcting Sandy, her movements were beautiful, I am proud of my student satisfaction is total. As Qi-Gong, we practiced the sunshine on a cloudy but equally enjoyable and the wind and cold were not made sense! on the occasion of my personal exercises in the pool, Sandy could see how I put it all into practice by carrying significant distances without pain or suffering apnea! 75m empty lungs, several tables based on distances greater than 100m and many sessions STA decorated with bubbles released much fun! It was also our recreation accomplice … Here is the testimony of Sandy, you can talk to her through the end of the article comments, do not hesitate, it is not only talented but also very communicative of his knowledge and feelings Peaceful … << soothed, better breathing, awareness of the effects on the body, smile is my first words :-) I felt more liberated, at first, my body felt, then a second time it s is going on in my head, this finding has freed my mind. Especially since with the respect that I had for sharing the attention that I have set to perform my best and understand that David sent me, I took a great pleasure to do so then to feel the results. it made me want to continue ;-) >>

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