Shishani Vranckx

“Shishani Vranckx, a complete, sensitive and adorable artist…”

My discovery of Shishani in the course of my meetings with the artists of any origins was the one which most marked me!

I introduce you this outstanding friend!

Native of Namibia, she has nevertheless grows in Netherlands. She now lives in Amsterdam. After her jazz studies to the Academy of Groningen (Netherlands) she leaves the school to find her own way in the music.

Artist unmistakably was endowed, she begins to collaborate with other talents. One of them is Koron, a guitarist and a composer with whom she creates a directory of original Folk / Soul music during a period of five years. This duet registered and played on the international scene with their own music.

Shishani in the melancholic and smooth way sees fast its style pleasantly compared with artists as Tracy Chapman, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu.

On stage she clears a serenity which moves you and a presence which you do not forget! Sat on a stool, slowly, she entraine you at the rate of her guitar which she never releases.

And if you don’t know what to expect, you’ll be under the charm until regret to be already at the end of the show!

Her soul voice breaks the rhythm of the guitar and gets your attention.

Born to Belgian father and Namibian mother. Shishani means “Crown” in Oshiwambo, name predestined in my opinion because she deserves it totally!

It soon became evident that Shishani had inherited the family’s musical genes and it was not long before she took to the stage herself. As she grow up, her music was largely influenced by the Afro-American popular music then she began to write and to compose her own music.

The words of Shishani are simple, but deep, the communication with the public is natural, rhythms and melodies associated to this look so soft and so communicating leave you a sweet taste in mouth. Begin to listen to her and you will ask for more of her, believe me !

Then without further delay, allow me to make you discover if you don’t stil know her, this talented artist who affected me one day and that I take pleasure to listen to daily :-)


1) Minority My preferred!

This performance is surprising as much as pleasant, Shishani is just perfect! Both of the original clip and the tones rock you from the beginning to the end, you will learn quickly the words of this melody allowing you to sing with her as her friends did it :-)

2) Raining Words An envoutement!

This time, Shishani rocks you, relaxes you to lead you in a sweet dream or to awake you softly by savoring the images as much as the sound. It was a real pleasure to see that clip the first time and I wanted just one thing : to share that moment with her! An emotion, a feeling of serenity and plenitude as I like gets free of this magnificent creation, the great artist, for sure !!!

3) Qonja and Ru Other register, other pleasure!

This song was created by our friend for NID’S Connecting The Dots Campaign! Learn the text, sing in chorus, close your eyes, you are there?!! This song is entrainante, cheerful, pleasant, rhythmical and soft at the same time! A big success with another style that I appreciate too :-)

This post is also available in : French, Spanish

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