Tweet with me !!!

This space allows you to track the history of my posts on Twitter, a social network that will allow me to announce changes to an existing item, adding a new item, trade with you :-) Some tips Followers future and a place to share still precious to me.

So join me and do not hesitate to intervene as …

To begin, some definitions :

Twitter is a web 2.0 social to make the micro blogging by sending short messages limited to 140 characters. …

Of course, it is necessary to create your account as me: @ SpiritDM, choose a name that you like or that identifies you well! Then start to communicate with the world :-) Twitter

The specific language:

hastag = #

@ Is associated with the name

RT can send a message already received from a person to other people who follow you. (is to send a message already received from one person to another people)

DM = Direct message that can exchange only with another person, such as a private message

followers are those who want to follow your posts

NSFW stands for “not safe for work” and is used when a link to a website or a place on the web can be pornographic, profane etc..

FotD = find on the day, specify if the subject requires …

#TT = trending Topics

and to conclude #PP = photo of profil

And many others that will complete this list :-) You can also customize this space as you want, for example, change your background image and add permanent messages like the example below …

  Your devoted,

The presence of David Mesmacque on Twitter :-)

This post is also available in : Spanish

One thought on “Twitt!

  1. Hello, ça manque de présence, mais quand je vois tout ce que tu développe sur ton blog, j’imagine que tu n’as pas le temps de tout faire :-)
    Joli site en tout cas, bravo pour ton travail et bonne continuation David

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