Time and interpretation…

I do not necessarily more time available than others, but for a friend I would not hesitate for a moment!

Here’s the best way for me to address this issue in response to this friend:

The relationship between age and time was always the same is already a fundamental notion to acquire. She joined me for your demonstration of course.

Everyone is free to define as he wants if indeed it complies with the basic rules of math: 100 years each year represents almost exactly 1% but it certainly manages to define this report younger, we advantage of the time that passes its fair value. ;)

I think Buddhist, I live Taoist : every new day is a complete day more than you take me and more if time stops for a day, at any stage of this percentage, I have taken full advantage c that is to say, not 100% more capital based on 100 years of my life but simply.

We are a speck in the universe, what do we do? Any trace of our passage remain stealthy? What will I even traces rather follow? It is in this limited notion of time that we let slip without taking care to enjoy!

Why then settle on a basic mathematical concept without bothering to involve other more elaborate thoughts? This makes it easy to support those fighting the disease with more or less success, it can assist the dying in their limits, it lets you enjoy each share as a sacred and not a small part of life calculated.

Time passes!!!

I confirm this observation sometimes see as the years spin weeks, it dawned on me 3 times since my birth, I did this last time for 1 minute each time I turn instead to a meditation oriented life, nature, elements and meaning (6!), time can only be different from those experienced by one and the one that do just think every day if not every moment!

My gain? No, if it is the satisfaction of my days living fully enjoying every moment without wondering when it will all end, we are at the base of that speck in the universe and whatever the length time if we become aware of just? The work of each individual over time is to do on himself and he makes sharing with others around him, his family, his friends, whom he wishes to support, help, support as I said earlier …

This leads to another observation more important to me, than fight selfishness, absence, forgetfulness, ignorance, disrespect etc.

Gain? Live more intensely as time goes by sharing makes the exponential inevitably feel the passage periods shared, exchange on which others enjoy walks on the memory that gives rise to emotions, on the recognition that gives satisfaction to others at fair value, the respect you back like a boomerang with a sense of well-be definitively established.

love it above all I find oceanfront … DM

The magic of life is felt at every moment for those who want to take the trouble to apply this theory quite personal but fortunately often shared …

  • Children bring us great pleasure to have done a balancing act in this world, they often convince us of the importance of this involvement by giving us besides, for their efforts to meet innocently, by their acts natural amaze us by their attendance to keep this beautiful family element remains a force deformable as an engraving in stone …

  • Friends give us a lot too, I mean those who over time you speak the same way, those who have always maintained the same behavior, those who do not distort the life or maintain interest by their actions in the waiting for a forced return. I am very lucky today to know that, time passes but it certainly allows me to continue to enjoy their presence and richness of our discussions.


  • Nature allows me every day to confound me with the great outdoors, meet animals, birds, insects, bring a wealth of my eyes inescapable hit the water and fish imagine (my chinese sign n is it not “Tou” hare water 兔 tù?!). I enjoy the touch of grass, the passage of fresh air in my lungs and welcoming walk on land, I admire every flower, every tree, every rock … I like above all to find myself face to ocean admire this division between sky and water and choose to move slowly to mingle with the item!


  • I do not fear the fire, I saw in the water, I take the ground with one hand and I’m floating in the air, all to reach the theory of Empedocles who teamed up with the idea to Thales (the water), Heraclitus (fire) and Anaximenes (air) to compose the universe by completing his personal touch (earth) … and the circle is complete …

  • Finally, each direction has its place in my daily life since the start of the martial arts at the age of 11 years, especially since the discovery of Qi-Gong and I associated very easily 6th sense unknown to the Western world but guide me everyday now (this is also the famous 6th sense developed long ago but recently mastered that allowed me to pass the bar 7mn30 in static apnea but also through 300km bike this winter – 6 ° C! Conduct a session of Qi-Gong in ice water or even counter this by burning when I left neglect the back of my left hand this winter make clean contact with the glass brulante the fireplace insert.

    To conclude:

    I fully exploits every sense, every dive where I transported to another world for a time much longer this time where minutes can seem so hours away from you, where the joint is no longer palpable, there not wish to also acknowledge and here I though I share this activity whenever it is possible for me to do, I live selfishly most of the time alone, proud and staff wish! This takes several minutes, sometimes very long, I enjoy every second that takes a different meaning each time, the ideas come, projects form, life feels just. David Mesmacque (c) 2012 response made ​​to a friend who wrote to me in these terms:

    Children, we were bored often, time seemed stuck, not moving, we were eager to be adults now … years pass like weeks … time flies like water through your fingers .. . I tried to explain: “When you were five, one year accounted for one fifth of your short life … now it is a ninety-fifth of your experience. it is you who change over time , it does not change. “in fact, when it was one year, add a new year is already double the time lived 100 years it is no longer that 1%” … you can imagine that the perception of running time is not linear throughout his life, not for biochemical reasons but for mathematical reasons … What do you think?

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    1. You seem so kind David, maybe possible to see you one day! Thank you for your time, your french friends are filled!

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